Turn to Us for Trim Work in Carmichael, CA

Get Your Baseboards in Good Shape

Want to touch up your trim? Against The Grain Flooring can take on any task related to your floors and trim work. We'll make your home look elegant and beautiful.

The trim work we do typically focuses on baseboards and risers. These additions and pieces may be small, but they make all the difference when it comes to turning your home into a refined estate.

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Make your staircase shine with our staircase refinishing

Make your staircase shine with our staircase refinishing

By redoing your staircase, you can capture the gleam it had when you first moved in. Staircase refinishing lets you restore your staircase to its original condition. We'll strip away paint or old finish and renew the appearance of your stairsteps.

In addition to working on the steps, we can also enhance your bannisters. These railings need to be sturdy and secure, but they should also look nice. We'll make sure that they do.

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